Pool & splash pad

Making a splash at River Bluff Cabins

River Bluff Cabins outdoor swimming pool and splash pad is a great way to entertain your family after a day by the Frio or an adventurous hike. With over 7000 sq ft of aquatic fun, it is the perfect place to relax and beat the Texas heat.

The splash Pad

Have even more fun at River Bluff Cabins! The splash pad’s amazing features will keep your children entertained day and night. Children of all ages will enjoy running through our colorful water loops and, with anticipation, awaiting the torrential downpour from the dump bucket. Our giant mushroom’s gentle cascading water caters to everyone, young and old. Your littlest of littles will love the ladybug and dancing sunflowers that spray water from their leaves, and we can’t forget the jets! Watch your children jump in and out, trying NOT to get wet as they run through fountains of water shooting up from the ground.  Plug a hole here!    Plug a hole there!   Teamwork with this interactive feature  creates a fantastic water display at the splash pad.

The Pool

Just a few seconds from the river, the (need size of the pool) pool is right next to the splash pad, making it easy for parents to kick back and relax on the tanning deck or cool down in the pool. Safety is our priority so we enclosed the area in 5 feet of pool fencing, you can let your children run free. There is plenty of seating with big rock tables so you can cozy up on the pool deck or enjoy a delicious snack, and you only need to walk a few feet away to get to the bathrooms and outdoor showers.

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