About Us

Doug & Leslie's story as River Bluff Cabins Owner

Family-owned and operated Ten years in “our little slice of heaven. “

Our journey began when we moved from Mississippi back home to the Texas Hill Country. A dear friend told us about this “little slice of heaven” near Leakey, on the Frio River. We could see the potential over the outdated cabins and overgrown brush on the property. We worked hard cleaning the property so that it would be a place where families could reconnect. We had always called our family home the “Gathering Spot” because of Leslie’s love of hospitality, but we were determined to make River Bluff Cabins into one of the loveliest vacation destinations in the Texas Hill Country. River Bluff Cabins is now a Gathering Spot for many families. A place where you can share the stunning mountain views, 1000-year-old Cypress Trees, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and the bazillion stars that twinkle in the night sky with your families and friends.

We love serving and providing a beautiful place for families to reconnect and get away from the hustle and bustle of the world. We desire tremendously and work hard for River Bluff Cabins to be a place of refuge, rest, and reconnection.



What's our company mission?

Connect God’s Kids to His Creation & Each Other.

River Bluff Cabins is a family vacation resort in the Texas Hill Country with rustic cabins nestled along the Frio River.  It is an excellent place for a family vacation with great amenities that cater to family gatherings, weddings, reunions, family fun, and motorcycle friends.

At River Bluff Cabins, we seek to create a place for families to reconnect and let their worries go as they are immersed in God’s beautiful creation.  Where time stands still and each life moment is beautifully orchestrated with just being with family.

Our Vision

Our Vision For River Bluff Cabins

For River Bluff Cabins and Club Frio to be a sacred place and annual tradition for thousands of families to connect with God & one another.

In a worried, busy world, we want to provide a place where family units can slow down to enjoy and explore creation together.  Year after year, they can gather in a familiar quiet spot by the river, on a trail, or nestled in their favorite cabin or lodge.


Why Choose Us?

The location! It is one of the most beautiful spots on the Frio River.

Each Cabin/Lodge is either on the river or a 2 min walk from the river. With breathtaking views, abundant wildlife, and beautiful scenery, River Bluff Cabins is ideal for unwinding and reconnecting with family.

Desire to Please

We are always thinking of each family and how we can serve them better. We want their stay to be fun, adventurous, relaxing, whatever it needs to be to help them forget about their worries.

Supply more amenities than any other resort in the Texas Hill Country

River Bluff cabins have excellent amenities for families and celebrations.
– linen and beddings
– large bath sheets and towels
– pool and splash pad
– large playground
– large community fire rings
– large pavilion to have family gatherings

Introducing ClubFrio as Our New Brand


Prices Start at $750 Maximum of 16 People

Where Families & Friends Connect on The Frio
Club Frio is a membership community that provides access to some of the most beautiful vacation rental properties and resorts on the Frio River and throughout the Frio Canyon area. Each property has a standard of quality and hospitality that provides a broad range of experiences and adventure along the Texas Frio River. With exceptional amenities, access to the river, and lodging, you will have multiple places to choose from to enjoy a wonderful vacation in the Hill Country.

River Bluff Cabins
River Bluff Cabins is a great vacation stay for family! Fun experiences and fantastic amenities are a significant part of this family-owned resort. Your children will love the new pool and splash pad, Giant playground, and swimming in the Frio River! Our Event Pavilion will also accommodate families that want to celebrate a life event such as a wedding or a family reunion. It is excellent for corporate retreats, church events, and celebrations.

Riverstone Cabins
If you are looking for a place to have a family vacation, host a family reunion, or small church retreat, Riverstone Cabins is the perfect setting for these events. This beautiful 13-acre site is quiet and secluded. With six spacious cabins nestled against a wooded hillside, and approximately 600 feet of private river access, everyone will love this great outdoors. Also, Riverstone Cabins has the ONLY public hiking access, showcasing a 1200 ft. elevation change with beautiful panoramic views of the Frio River Valley.

Pasado-del-Frio has five newly constructed luxury cabins located in a private area with great views of the Frio Canyon ridges. With 80 acres of secluded woods to hike and explore, this spacious, beautiful nature site is one of the best kept secrets of the Frio Canyon. Because of the size and proximity of the cabins to one another, it is a perfect spot for family reunions, company, and church retreats.

Fish Camp Lodge
What can we say? Fish Camp Lodge is one of a kind. Nestled between two large picturesque hills, this unique and private wooded site is a fantastic place to host large groups and families. The two large homes are located right next to the river. The crowds of ‘tubers in Concan’ aren’t floating by this river area, which truly makes this a private spot for guests to enjoy. And to give every guest a unique experience, the owners commissioned a renowned woodcarver from Wichita Falls named Aurelio Castillo to carve animals into cedar posts supporting the structure of the cabins. Walk around and see his intricately carved works of art; fish, bear, and even a wolf are just a few.











Water Polo

Water Games

Amenities We Offer

Our newest features are the splash pad/pool and pavilion. The pavilion is a great place to host reunions, corporate retreats, birthdays, weddings, church events, or business conferences. The pavilions' (the size of the deck) overlooks the beautiful Frio River. One of the perks for staying at River Bluff Cabins is the splash pad/pool. It provides non-stop fun for all ages.

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Frio is a highly recommended family vacation resort for Cabins & Lodging near Garner and Lost Maples State Parks.