Summertime Fun at River Bluff Cabins, the Best Resort on the Frio River!

Posted by Riley Bartel | May 22, 2023

Are you looking for the perfect family vacation spot on the Frio River? Look no further than River Bluff Cabins!  Located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, our resort perfectly blends natural beauty and modern amenities. Our cabins are nestled on the banks of the Frio River, providing guests with stunning views and easy access to all the fun and excitement of the river.


Watch the video to see the stunning location and activities we offer!

At River Bluff Cabins, we understand that a good vacation starts with comfortable accommodations. That’s why each of our cabins is fully furnished with everything you need for a relaxing stay. Equipped with air conditioning, kitchen appliances, and cable TV, you’ll feel right at home among the natural beauty of the Frio River. Plus, with wifi throughout the property, you can stay connected. Have a larger group? Our larger cabins can accommodate groups of up to 18 people, making them ideal for family reunions or other large gatherings.

Outside fun

A vacation at River Bluff Cabins is more than a cozy stay in one of our rustic cabins. We offer a range of exciting activities for guests of all ages and species (we are pet-friendly) to enjoy! Imagine cruising down the Frio River, casting a line to catch a fish, or floating down the gentle current on a tube. For those looking to stay on land, enjoy a friendly game of basketball, or relax by the pool connected to a light-up splash pad, perfect for the kids. Our property also boasts the best decks on the Frio River – perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or a glass of wine at sunset.

Sunset does not mean FUNsets!

Sunset ≠ the fun ends

Sunset ≠ FUNsets

Sunset does not mean the fun rests!

Sunset does not mean the fun ends!


Just because it gets dark outside it does not mean the fun has to end! 

Gather the troup around the campfire and indulge in some family bonding while cooking up some delicious meals. Then, take a moment to gaze up and watch as the stars light up the night sky and the wildlife begins to stir. With so many diverse venues of fun at Frio River resort, your vacation will surely be unforgettable!

We really care

We take pride in delivering a guest experience filled with adventure, relaxation, and plenty of fun activities. The best thing about River Bluff Cabins is our friendly and helpful staff. We are dedicated to ensuring your stay with us is as enjoyable as possible and we are always happy to help with anything you need. From recommendations for local restaurants to helping you plan a special family event, we are here to help!

So why wait? Book your family vacation today and experience the best of the Frio River for yourself!