Frio River Wedding Venue

Posted by Jason Cronkhite | May 25, 2021

We’ve worked hard to let people know about River Bluff Cabins on the Frio River and why it’s such a great vacation destination or weekend getaway location, but the sheer beauty of the area makes for a perfect – and incredibly distinctive – wedding destination.

It’s no surprise to us the number of brides and grooms each year who make River Bluff Cabins a destination wedding place to share their vows under magnificent trees overlooking the Frio River.

There’s plenty of room for the entire wedding party and all family and friends. Be sure to plan to stay for a few days and your wedding party can enjoy swimming, fishing, tubing and catching some rays. Turn your wedding into an unforgettable getaway for everyone.

River Bluff has partnered with wedding coordinators, catering companies and event suppliers to make it easy to coordinate your wedding from a distance. It’s our goal to make your “special day” unforgettable.

Special rates are available for the bride and groom to enjoy an extended stay with a party of 20 or more. Call today to inquire about our special wedding offers.

There’s a map of the property on the website to give you a better idea of where your special day can occur on the property.

And for those of you who have allowed us to host your special day – thank you! We invite you to come back and celebrate your anniversary with us where it all began. Please tell us about your wedding, share photos on our memory pages (**is there an active link here?) and you could win a free stay.

We hope you’ll allow us to host you on your special day and call us today – (830) 232-5775 – to start making plans.

Here’s a testimonial we wanted to share from Pat Waychoff of Corpus Christi, Texas:

“My husband, Tim, and I had stayed at River Bluff Cabins back in the Fall of 2011. Had an amazing time. As the time approached for our wedding plans in 2013, we contemplated where to get married. Our final decision was at River Bluff Cabins. Leslie and Doug helped us so much with the planning and even referred us to some wonderful people who did all the preparations, decorations, catering – the whole nine yards – for our wonder wedding ceremony and reception. We stayed at the Tree House, which is also where we held our reception. It was an awesome day thanks to River Bluff Cabins, Leslie and Doug. Also, the Habys, their friends, did all the wedding planning for us. We live in Corpus Christi and they did all the planning and details from afar. Thanks so much!! We are coming back in May to celebrate our one-year wedding anniversary!!”