Our Beautiful River

Posted by Jason Cronkhite | May 25, 2021

With Spring in full swing and the temperatures starting to climb, we wanted to talk about one of our favorite places to beat the heat and have a great time – the gorgeous and picturesque Frio River.

River Bluff Cabins is nestled along a 1,000 feet of pristine river frontage and one of the reasons visits with us are so memorable.

The word “frio” is Spanish for cold and for those who have swam in the river understand it‘s an obvious reference to the spring-fed crispness of the water. The Texas State Historical Association says Frio County (that the Frio flows through) is named for the river and it has been identified as the stream that Spanish explorer Alonso De Leon called Rio Sarco in 1689.

The Frio starts at the “Blue Hole” at the world-famous H.E.B. Foundation Camp at the top of the divide, only 12 miles north of River Bluff. The Blue Hole is literally a hole in the ground where the Frio starts. It is by far the largest natural spring that feeds it.

The brisk and consistent flow of the Frio River has always made it a summertime destination for swimmers, tubers and those who want to relax along its banks. A couple of geographical highlights about River Bluff Cabins on the Frio: Garner State Park is about 10 miles south of Leakey and San Antonio is about 75 miles west of us.

One other famous note about the Frio River: did you know it was mentioned in George Strait’s song, “All My Exs Live In Texas?” George grew up in Frio County and undoubtedly spent his fair share of time floating his troubles away.

Here’s a recent testimonial that we’re happy to share from Judy Harrell of San Antonio, Texas:

“We had a great time! Great place for kids and the Frio was perfect. Perfect location. Just a few minutes from Lost Maples and Leakey. Hope to come back soon.”